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I write about lifestyle & business.

I've written hundreds of articles for publications like Good Housekeeping,, and The Huffington Post and provide content marketing and strategy for brands big and small.

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7 Easy Ways to Reconnect with Your Kids on Busy School Nights

Looking for ways to reconnect with my kids on busy evenings? Here are 7 simple family activities to help you do it, on Babble!...

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Work Hard AND Smart: 3 ways to manage your time and maximize earnings as a work-at-home parent.

But the good news is, if you're efficient and disciplined, you can get more done in a lot fewer hours when you manage your own time. Working at home requires you to make the most of your working hours so that you can make the most of your not-working hours....

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My son has done nothing but watch TV this summer (and I don't care)

I’m trying to keep from raining on Isaac’s TV-watching parade. Certainly if there is any time in life that a person can really indulge one a television obsession without long-lasting negative affects, it’s in the summer of his 13th year....

Open uri20140228 26086 2gfypb article

Marissa Mayer's short maternity leave: I get it.

Whether Mayer returns to work tomorrow or in six months, being a working mom in a high-stakes, high-pressure job is the reality of her life. Delaying her return by 4 weeks isn't going to change that reality or make or break her as a mom. She'll have many opportunities over...

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4 reasons young women are scared to have kids (and why we should knock it off.)

The more this myth persists that the longer you wait the more ready you'll feel - and that nobody is really ready before at least 28, or maybe 32, or maybe 35, depending on your circle of friends - the more I run into committed couples in their late twenties,...


5 Products That Make Cleaning Up More Fun

Let's face it, most of us don't exactly relish clean-up time. So while I'm pretty back-to-basics about cleaning (baking soda and vinegar do most of the heavy lifting around here) I admit that there are some products that just make the whole process easier and more fun for parents and...

Open uri20140228 26086 15ajucz article

Our Halloween Haunt: The Spookiest Outdoor Display Ever

Get a sneak peek at one family's incredible outdoor Halloween display, complete with dead pirates, a haunted mausoleum, and more!...


7 reasons summer vacation is GREAT for work-at-home parents.

Work-at-home parents often fear summer vacation. But let's look at the positive side....

Open uri20140228 26086 1ql5jx9 article

Why - and How - We're Switching to Rechargeable Batteries.

Running out to the gas station to get batteries in an emergency (yes, we've had to do that on Christmas Eve before) isn't exactly a time- or cost-effective way to power our kids' toys. We - all of us, down to my three-year-old daughter - are already in the habit...